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Let’s Make a Deal

We had this TV game show here once, called Let’s Make Deal. A contestant was chosen from the audience to compete with contestants.They were usually dressed in a stupid way, holding some stupid thing, all screaming pick me, pick me. Once plucked from the masses, the host would ask for the stupid thing in exchange […]

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A Room with a View

I feel like I have been a bit out of touch lately and I suppose I could say I have been busy or what not. Maybe so. But I have also been thinking about mom a lot lately, and her birthday. Today. Ever since she moved to Westminster, I tried to visit her on her […]

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I am here

I want to be there…

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A touch of the tropics in winter

A splash of the tropics in wintertime Seattle. The conservatory at Volunteer Park.      

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In a simple world

Some days I get up and wonder what to do today. There is nothing pressing on the calendar, lunch with a friend. That’s it really. Yes, there are a million things I should be doing or ¬†working on. But I read the paper, have a second cup of tea…take little Barney for a walk. I […]

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In 1983

I lived in Athens, Ohio. I was going to grad school, working on an MFA in photography. I did not have a clue as to what the future held. And I am sure back then I would have never imagined I am where I am now. I do believe I am doing better than I […]

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