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To be in Paris

Any plans for New Year’s eve? Carter is making a gumbo, and maybe my artist friend will come for dinner…or not…he can be vague and flakey at times. In fairness, though, he runs a gallery and has an opening on Thursday that I am expected to attend. So he may be rather busy. Plus he […]

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Close Encounter 24 December 2013

We had an alien visitation the night of the 24th. But the Feds aren’t talking about it.

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Because it’s What I Do

Tyler, Thanks again for the beautiful prints. They really are special. But this print making stuff is kind of like a drug to me. There’s that initial rush that you get when you first produce them, and then the crash when I realize that probably no one cares but me, and have I wasted time […]

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Based on a True Story

Hey Sarah, I thought of you today, several times actually, on rather diverse levels. But all intertwined. I was reading the paper this morning and a section fell out that spoke to holiday planning and food. One such foodie tidbit was cheesy little shortbread crackers. And I thought of Susan and the CSF holiday get […]

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