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My Pretty Garden

Trey, I am sorry to hear about your Parkinson’s disease. That must be a blow. How are you dealing with it? I wish I could help in some way. I know you have a great wealth of friends for support, so that must be reassuring in some way. I just wish I give you a […]

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9 September 2013

Nicolette, So nice to meet with you yesterday and share my work with you. Had I known more about you, I might have prepared a different presentation. The fine art world has always been my passion, but it has been the worlds of commerce and academia that have supported that passion over the years. But […]

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Fundación Valparaíso

Mel In Spain, summer 1994 20 years ago today I step off a plane in Madrid in a jet lagged stupor. I had never traveled abroad and it was all so foreign to me. And to think it almost didn’t happen. In 1993, the then directors of Fundación Valparaíso were visiting their son who lived in […]

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Space Cruise

Richard, I guess news travels fast. It would be great to see you if you can make it. I plan to wear my Widelux around my neck as a bit of a homage to John. I can’t recall when I last saw John, but it was after I had closed my darkroom in 2006 and […]

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Some things Change Slowly

Hi Mel, The last year or so there’s been a tremendous turnover at the PV.  Ruth and Brenda have died, Della and Ada have gone to nursing homes, we moved Ted into the Wilsonian and Beverly finally sold.  I think you already knew Cyra left a year ago.  Pat Ryan has had a court-appointed guardian […]

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Because Life is a Journey

I was checking out my Facebook news feed today and saw one of those sill tests people post. What kind of animal are you? What kind of artist are you? What is your favorite food type? What city should you live in?  Then you answer about 10 generic dumb questions and voila… you are stereotyped. […]

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