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Then You Remember Why it Came to an End

Just saying hello, Seems like forever since we chatted. Everything ok in you world? Lavelle asked me about processing some photos and said they were working with a different designer. That you had things to take care of. Is everything ok? I hope so. We last chatted around the time of your sister’s death and […]

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Fishing With Walter

Hey man, I have had a moderately busy summer myself. Despite my broken finger, which is healing nicely actually, I have been doing a bunch of print making. A dealer in DC sold a huge (30×72” image size) print to a client there. An old one too, black and white film image made with the […]

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O The Market

As we now enter that precious time of year in the Pacific NW called summer, those of us who live here say yes… this is why we live here. We endure the cloudy, wet days, because we know the gods of weather will give us a sweet, but short period of great beauty. A time […]

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