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Apartment Zola, Paris, May of 1999

Hey Girlfriend, So I looked and found these negs and like I thought, they are mine, not yours. I shot them, though I suppose you could have pushed the button. But I don’t think so. First the camera was on a tripod and secondly, my recollection is this was a selfie session. Lastly, the whole […]

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Good on This Day Only

I was rummaging through my archives recently when I found this badge form a visit to Microsoft land. I looked at the date and wondered why I was there. I did a fair amount of work with them back then, but couldn’t recall the specific project I was working on that might have had me […]

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A Perfect Moment

As an artist using a camera, I make lots of images of all kinds of things, of people and places. Most often it is later that I look at a photograph I have made and realize what a special moment that was, and that I didn’t realize it at the time. On this morning I […]

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An Unfinished Dialog

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