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Apres le Deluge Partie Deux

Connie, You must be busy, since you haven’t stopped by to gawk at the mess. The basement is more or less dried out and empty with the final move out coming on September the 3rd. Then the damage control guys move in and do the flood cut and sanitizing thing. Then hopefully I can get […]

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After the Flood

Connie, Well the basement is drying out and soon the money will start flowing out to put things back in order. Thus far, my insurance company is denying any coverage. City problem they say. I am bracing for the city to say not our problem either… In the mean time I trying to move on […]

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Re: Blast from the Past

Richard, I guess news travels fast. It would be great to see you if you can make it. I plan to wear my Widelux around my neck as a bit of a homage to John. I can’t recall when I last saw John, but it was after I had closed my darkroom in 2006 and […]

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