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When the Batteries Go Dead

I did a photo shoot this past with a high end real estate stager. I have known him for some time and he owns a ton of my prints that he uses in his staging projects. But we had never directly worked together. So we are giving it a whirl. It is more like editorial, […]

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Air Quotes

Sounds like a goofy event, but then such things always are. The closest thing I ┬áhave ever done to a gig like that was a recognition conference for WaMu back in 06 I think. It was awful and the only job I ever got fired from. But then I wanted to be fired. Oddly enough, […]

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Quietly Dragging my Feet

Either of those days work for me. Lunch would be good too, lots of spots nearby. And then yes, we can dive into my archives. Sorry if I seem to be making a big deal about all this, but I guess it is a big deal. It seems like a mountain of stuff to go […]

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Park Vista Co op

I lived at Park Vista from 1994 to 2001. My first go around with home ownership. It was a very nice place to live, with mostly nice neighbors. I had a great view of the court yard and park. It was almost a “I could live here forever” place. And for many of of the […]

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