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Million Dollar Views

Well I think you would be proud of me. I gave my 2 week notice yesterday. Carter thought I should keep it under my hat, as he thinks I will change my mind. But, no, this is for real this time. And if they didn’t have a line up of projects, it would have been effective […]

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Lunch at Dona’s

Thanks  man for allowing me to vent this morning. It’s tricky sometimes trying to navigate the waters of the business world, especially when the client is a friend. Not always a good combination. When it comes to money I always try to be fair, and sometimes I give in and say whatever, because I hate […]

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A Quiet Way of Seeing

If you are interested in learning more about the camera that I made this image with, just Google Diana camera and there is plethora of information about it. As I mentioned on the phone, many photographers are attracted to it’s use as a throw back to the days of simple cameras. It is less complicated […]

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