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A Lush Blend of Chemicals

The thing is about the old stuff and new stuff is that it can be hard to match. Always had that problem in the darkroom. You make one beautiful print and there is no guarantee that you can make a second matching one. Mine were always one of a kind. And when I went digital, […]

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But Does That Cheapen Them?

When I first started the project and the box was the final presentation, the panoramic work did not fit, format wise, so I decided that would be a separate project. I am going to let things stew a bit to see what might be a more integrated coup of work. Or it just may remain […]

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Quirky Compositions

Yes, those two are among my favorites. I am even glad the compositions were disturbing for you. At least you noticed them, at least they got your attention. And hopefully that means, at least they weren’t boring. It is hard to photograph things and places that have been photographed a gazillion times before and the […]

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