It's the journey, not the destination Mel Curtis's thoughts on a life in the world of photography

Paint the Sky Pink

Did you know that of our five senses, in terms of memory, that sight is our worst? Smell is our best. Something I learned in college when I read Josef Albers’ Interaction of Color. He states that take a color we all are familiar with, like Coke a Cola red and lay out a bunch […]

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Kindred Spirits

Perhaps our connection is that we are kindred spirits in a visual sense. That we both share a poetic view of the universe. And that we use our art to make sense of this crazy world we live in. And though we live on opposite sides of the planet, we can look up into the […]

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I was Here

I have always had a burning desire to make photographs. Even now, after almost 40 years. I love everything about the process, the seeing, the ┬ádiscovering, then framing and ultimately capturing. And then in processing or as we now call it, editing, seeing if my little caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly. I have also […]

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