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Such a Beautiful Spring

Hey John,   Just wondering if you covered the protest yesterday at your state Capitol? Looks like an interesting event. Though I do believe they are a bunch of morons…. I thought it would be a good idea for agent orange to come to Michigan and have maybe 5 or 6 rallies. Gather up the […]

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A Cautious Warning

Hey Martin, Not sure if you are still doing the signage thing, but I thought I might send this along. I made this image out in the Palouse, about 25 years ago. Always thought it was interesting, metaphorically speaking. A road to nowhere, but seemingly pleasant. A battered sign with a cautious warning. Is it […]

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Zombie World

John, I have had thoughts of a zombie world too, but pass them off. I think we are better than that. I think this will pass. But not without great consequences. I think this more like the Spanish Flu. It is odd that growing up I only learned this event in passing, an afterthought in […]

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