It's the journey, not the destination Mel Curtis's thoughts on a life in the world of photography

Toast to the Good Ole Days

Ralph, I had read the reviews of the various machines. It seems the water rowers had the nice sound and pleasant experience. But changing resistance could only be done manually by adding or removing water. Ok, could live with that, but my main consideration was the seat distance from the ground. It had to be […]

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Life in the World of Commerce

Hey Bobert, How you be? I am doing some house and studio cleaning and getting rid of a lot a stuff, mostly paper in the form of old prints, and projects. Like a copy of an annual report I did in 1996… Anyway I have this box of your prints you sent me and wonder […]

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I Would be so Doomed in Today’s World

  Yes, it is good to see young talent bring their vision of the world through their work. And you are right, photography isn’t dying in the sense that it is going away, but it will probably never be what it was when you and I were coming up through the ranks. It will never […]

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