It's the journey, not the destination Mel Curtis's thoughts on a life in the world of photography

Especially in Europe

Oh about that Carter image. It was meant to be just a snap shot. Carter and I were roaming around in the damp autumn day and I was looking for images when I turned around and there he was, intently reading his tourist guide. I framed him up with the Eiffel Tower in the back […]

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The Leap of Faith Aspect

  Good to hear from you. I hope things, air quality wise are improving on your side of the planet. Seattle is just wet and more or less normal here. I have attached a contact sheet from my Il de France project. It is a look back at my time in France from 1997 to […]

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But Does That Cheapen Them?

When I first started the project and the box was the final presentation, the panoramic work did not fit, format wise, so I decided that would be a separate project. I am going to let things stew a bit to see what might be a more integrated coup of work. Or it just may remain […]

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Quirky Compositions

Yes, those two are among my favorites. I am even glad the compositions were disturbing for you. At least you noticed them, at least they got your attention. And hopefully that means, at least they weren’t boring. It is hard to photograph things and places that have been photographed a gazillion times before and the […]

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Lunch at Dona’s

Thanks  man for allowing me to vent this morning. It’s tricky sometimes trying to navigate the waters of the business world, especially when the client is a friend. Not always a good combination. When it comes to money I always try to be fair, and sometimes I give in and say whatever, because I hate […]

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A Quiet Way of Seeing

If you are interested in learning more about the camera that I made this image with, just Google Diana camera and there is plethora of information about it. As I mentioned on the phone, many photographers are attracted to it’s use as a throw back to the days of simple cameras. It is less complicated […]

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It Was a Magical Time

At the end of February in 1998 I went to London for 10 days. My first trip to that great city. We stayed across the street from Hyde Park and toured the city at length. There was suppose to be a launch party for a new stock agency was working with at the time, but that […]

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Silver Prints Are Durable Things

A gallery dealer I worked with many years ago recently contacted me to say she had all this stuff of mine she wished to return. We haven’t worked together is almost 15 years. What could she have? But she came by my studio, which she had never seen, and brought this wealth of my history […]

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Passion and Perseverance

Thank you for taking the time to view my website. It is dated now and needs a seriously make over. Only the blog is relatively current, the rest dates to 2012 and really needs a re boot. And thank you for your kind words. My life has been an interesting journey. I did take a […]

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Dreaming of Paris

It is interesting to have a glimpse into the life and thinking of a 17 year old young man these days. So much going on, so many possibilities. Like you, I was fascinated with art at a young age, 6 to exact. I wanted to work at Disney Studios and draw Bambi. As I grew […]

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