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Keyless Clock

I am not familiar with Seth Thomas the photographer. Only Seth Thomas the clocks. I have one I would like to get rid of. It was left to me by a friend in his will. But it means nothing to me and I just as soon part with it. Know any one who collects old […]

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One Step at a Time

Yes the journey is magical and fun and liberating. But I do wonder sometimes if all I am doing is adding more stuff to the planet? Does it have some value or just so much visual garbage? I already have 3 projects waiting in the wings and here I contemplate a 4th? A 4th project […]

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Beauty and the nature of decay

I keep meaning to call you to get together, but time seems to pass. I was even going to take you garden photo workshop back on the 8th. I thought it would be great to hang out with you and listen to a master gardener as well. I am sure it was a great day. […]

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A Room with a View

I feel like I have been a bit out of touch lately and I suppose I could say I have been busy or what not. Maybe so. But I have also been thinking about mom a lot lately, and her birthday. Today. Ever since she moved to Westminster, I tried to visit her on her […]

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

  Today is a holiday, at least for some people. So I took the day off to do creative things. I scanned a couple of old negatives of images I made in the spring 1982 in rural virginia. I had just got a Widelux Panoramic camera and just mostly just having fun with it as […]

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