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Still Standing


I have thought more about the idea we have discussed of teaching at the college in the sleepy little town. It’s a great dream. For many years I had a client in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Just a few miles from Shepardstown, West VA, home of Shepards College. Talk about bucolic. There is a train station there…an hour to DC…the big city, for when sleepy was just too sleepy… I fantasized about being there at Shepards College. As recently as a year ago I was in Chapple Hill, home of the University of North Carolina and I thought, how charming, I could be here, great basketball too. But… and there is always a but… Would I be happy… really? I have come to find I need the challenge, the risk of not being in a safe environment. I need my buttons pushed. The thing I am most proud of after all these years, after all the work, after all the shit, after all the crappy economy, is that I am still standing. I think in that lovely little back water college town, I might have withered, and maybe never worked in the White House…

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