A project that grew out of my work making real estate images. I was spending a lot of time in downtown high rises and was always mindful of the view. Being an important aspect of real estate, the view, we were always working on nice days. Like when Mt Rainier was out, or there was beautiful sunset over the Olympics or when it was simply, not raining. I was always intrigued by seeing the view below to the streets. Not useful for selling the view. On one occasion I was focusing on the Viaduct when it occurred to me that in a few years it would be gone, and I began to consciencely look the changes going on in the city. It was a time of great growth and change in downtown Seattle. In a way I wanted to document some of it. It also occurred to me that what I was seeing was quite literally, million-dollar views. A major selling point in the selling of the properties. A high rise would go up, creating views, yet destroy the views of an existing high rise. So, some politics often came into play. I also realized how rarified these views were, and that only the well heeled residents of these properties would ever see them. And the closest I or any other earth-bound resident would ever come to see these views was through my photographs. Nevertheless my mission was to capture a series of images of this rapidly changing city from the vantage point of thirty stories up in the downtown sky.