In the late 1980’s I began to explore the possibilities of my work being used as stock photography. The market place back then wasn’t quite ready for my artful approach to image making, but in time that would change when an agency by the name of Photonica emerged on the scene in the early 1990’s. I began working with them and gained a wider audience, and soon found myself in the midst of a perfect storm of art and commerce colliding with the next the next big thing…the internet.  I then began working with Photodisc, an early adopter of digital distribution. I was also fortunate to work with editors smart enough to give me full creative freedom to do things my way. Thus, in that brief period of time I worked with amazing people, in amazing places, exploring simple themes, largely in black and white. My goal was simple. Make images that could grace the covers of annual reports yet be artful enough and strong enough visually to be suitable to fill the walls of a gallery exhibition. That much I achieved. Then the winds of fashion shifted and the market place moved on to other styles. Art and commerce once again became separate disciplines and I ceased to make stock imagery. But it was fun while it lasted.