I got a phone call one day in 2010 from a photographer in Mountain View, California. He said he did photography for Google, mostly head shots and portraits. He said Google was beginning to have a large presence in Seattle and needed someone to handle their photo needs here. He said he had asked around and my name came up a few times and it seemed I was the guy to do the job. Was I interested? Hey sure. He even sent me instructions to create the corporate look and samples too. So, my information was placed on the corporate intranet resource page, and I waited for calls. And waited and waited some more. I think I did one headshot that year in my old studio in Montlake. The next year maybe seven or eight. But it kept growing and over time I met several very smart people, doing very smart things. While it wasn’t the most challenging work from a photographic standpoint, it did satisfy my desire to make portraiture and mingle in the tech world and hear about the next big things they were working on. Working at the various campuses around Seattle was always a plus, because it usually meant having lunch at one of their world class eating establishments. I would hardly call them cafeterias. Coming at the end of my commercial career, it has been a great way to stay engaged with people and my craft and if only momentarily, feel a part of something big.