Home, Sweet Home

I should clarify about the housing here. My first home did cost $92k in 1994 and I sold it for $200k in 2001. Probably would sell for maybe as much $300k today. The $700 is the average price of homes in this area now. My first home was a co op in an old building built in the 1920’s. A very old world charming place. If you are not familiar with the concept of co ops, it is like a condo. but instead of owning my unit, I owned shares in the building. A very popular form of ownership in places like New York, but less so around the country. Banks don’t like to give loans for them, thus they are usually cheaper as they can be hard to sell. the down side, is that the owners run the place, so you better get along with your neighbors. I pretty much did for the 7 years I lived there. And I loved my unit. The previous owner completely renovated it and then sold, because she wanted a dog, and the co op didn’t allow pets. So I got a new place. She did a nice job on the reno, and open the place up. All I had to do was paint. I was on a second floor and had a great view of Cowen Park across the street. It was only maybe 900sf, but more than adequate at the time. And it was all mine and the HOA dues were cheap. I was traveling a lot at the time, so it was great to lock the door and go and come home to things unchanged. It was at times difficult dealing with the elderly residents who resisted change. We never could get cable in the building while I was there and preventative maintenance was out of the question, as it costs too much. the old boiler that heated the place was always on the skits. Being in the center of the building and the second floor, heat was never an issues for me. But it was quiet, with hardwood floors and high ceiling. This photo shows my living room. Behind the red wall was my bedroom, and the space was very open and loft like. I really liked it there. When it came to move I only moved 7 houses away. Carter was moving here, he had a little shitzu named Toto and my place was too small. So i am still nearby and pass that old building almost daily. I don’t so much miss living there, as I do miss that period in my life. I was hitting on all cylinders, it was before the tech crash and 911. It just seems my memory has it as being a more simple, more peaceful time.But change happens, eh?