Laughed until Tears came out of my Eyes

You see, here in lies the problem. You show me two beautiful images, professional in every sense of the word. They are well seen, well crafted, and well, just beautiful. But you are a professional architect, I am professional photographer. What’s wrong with this picture? I am doomed here… I don’t suppose there are apps out there that allow me to become a professional architect?

Trust me, there’s no glamour in being a professional architect.  There’s probably an app that will allow you to draw house plans.  Anybody can do that here and take money out of architects pockets.  I will not be calling myself a professional photographer any time soon so I won’t be taking any money out of your pocket.  If you made the two images you could probably sell them.  I, on the other hand, have no idea how to do that.

By the way, you have to take some of the responsibility here. It was you who told me about Snapseed.

Harrods IMG_1121

Snapseed is merely an editing app. Editing can only do so much for a piece of crap image. I like the simplicity of Snapseed, I like sitting on my couch and playing with pictures while I watch a basketball game. It has put some joy of creation back into my spirit, when creating was just a simple act of imagination. You may not be taking money from my pocket, but others are. Haven’t you heard about crowd sourcing? And frankly I really have little idea how to make money with photography these days. My current income is based on old relationships and old business models. My total demise is eminent. But I am always reminding myself that this journey I have been on for the past 30 plus years was never about the money. But that is easy for me to say, given how fortunate I have been in this industry to be  one of the lucky ones who actually did make money making photographs. Most didn’t, and it is harder than ever these days.