Attached is the historic “I almost missed this shot” from opening night of Benaroya Hall in September of 1998. Another funny story about this image. The Symphony put out a nice book about the process of building Benaroya. Lots of old photos, lot of new photos and this image was the center spread image. I didn’t know about the book and one day I was looking at books at Glazer’s and saw this. I picked it up and opened it to see it was autographed by the various other photographers on the project. All except me. Hmm, I thought at the time. But whatever, I went to buy the book and the sales person was saying what a great book it was, that it was autographed by all the important photographers who contributed to the book. I said all but one, perhaps the most important one. He looked at me, puzzled. I opened the book to the centerspread and pointed out this, the most important, historic image in the book. I said took this, my name is Mel Curtis. I don’t think he knew from Adam. I autographed my copy. My dog later chewed off a corner. I guess he didn’t me being snubbed either.