I Suppose they Could be Embellished

I thought I would go ahead and send you this letter I wrote for your son. I hope it does him some good. Carter proofed it and and found a typo, but missed at least one other. I am so bad at typos, and awkward sentences, or misuse or lack of proper use of punctuation. But then I never claimed to be a writer. I like the stream of consciousness style of writing myself. My photography is like that too. It seems whenever I put too much thought into something, I ultimately strip the life out of it. Maybe that’s why I was never a very good designer. It requires too much thought.

I am reading a book now by Donald Hall called “Unpacking the Boxes”. A year or so ago I was at the U bookstore, looking for something to read, something simple and on the short side. I was drawn to the cover of a book call “Essays After Eighty”, also by Donald Hall. The cover was a close up photo of his face. And a very nice photo too. It is a very short book, but a very pleasant read. I didn’t know he was the Poet Laureate in 2006, but it was fascinating to read his thoughts about his life in poetry. I haven’t read any of his poetry yet, but I find his little stories to be very compelling. And the fact that they are more or less true ( I suppose they could be embellished) makes them a good read for me.

I broke down and got a new iPhone. I was drooling over the new camera. And after a day of iPhone hell, trying to set it up, a nice man at the Apple store spent an hour with me on Saturday and got me up and running again. I really like the camera. And of course my goofy apps.