Like many of my projects, this one found me. I have a client who routinely sent me to eastern Washington to Washington State University, usually in the spring. WSU is in the heart of a region known as the Palouse. Farming country. And one of the most amazing landscapes I have ever seen. It is comprised of gently rolling, treeless plains and hills that seem to go on forever. In the spring the hills are bright green as far as the eye can see. On every visit, I would take time at the end of my work, usually late in the day and roam around the area, most often ending up at Steptoe Butte. From the top of the butte was 360 degrees of the sprawling landscape. It spread out like a patchwork quilt. I never tired of making images there. It seemed to be different every time I visited. I have often thought I would hang out there more often if not for the 6 hour drive from Seattle.