Especially in Europe

Oh about that Carter image. It was meant to be just a snap shot. Carter and I were roaming around in the damp autumn day and I was looking for images when I turned around and there he was, intently reading his tourist guide. I framed him up with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground and said hey… He looked up and I snapped the shot. I was using my Hasse, which used 120 film and had twelve exposures. When I was back in Seattle I turned the contact sheet over to my editor who circled it for inclusion in the library. I though he was joking, that he was just doing that because he knew he was my partner. But no, he said he really liked the image. I thought ok, but it probably won’t sell. But it did, big time. Especially in Europe. Who knew? Once when I was in Paris having dinner with my French editors, they asked me who this man was and was he German. I no he wasn’t German, he was my boyfriend. They just started laughing. I asked what was so funny. He said they thought he was a German tourist and had made a 4×4’ print of it and were lugging it over Europe to their trade shows. Yes, that was funny.