Independence Day

Like many 4th of Julys in Seattle, it is cool and gray at the moment. But there is the promise of sun latter. A year ago this week I was in Ohio, visiting my mom. She had just got out of the hospital and was in rehab. It was a tough week. She wasn’t doing very well, though we had a good visit. We watched the fire works from the window in her room. We ate stir fried veggies and shrimp. When she slept, I would take breaks from her bedside to visit Grandview and wander around the neighborhoods of my youth. It was summer and warm and in a lot of ways, nothing had changed in the small town, suburb really, where I grew up. But everything changes, nothing stays the same, no matter much we would like it too. And though we spoke often after that visit, it was the last time I was to see her alive. But my photos of her help me keep her alive. As well as the sense of place where I grew up so long ago.