Beauty and the nature of decay

I keep meaning to call you to get together, but time seems to pass. I was even going to take you garden photo workshop back on the 8th. I thought it would be great to hang out with you and listen to a master gardener as well. I am sure it was a great day. My excuse for not following through? A client wanting me to work. The struggle for the legal tender won out. But I hope to perhaps attend another workshop sometime. Your post this morning struck a chord, the dead bird in your fountain. I think we were on a similar flight path today. I took this photo last night of my bird bath. Only the crows use it and so lately when I have been dead heading flowers I toss them in the bird bath to have a last gasp of life before melting into the primordial ooze. I have always thought there was a certain beauty in the nature of decay. And while your image is the more powerful one, they are somewhat similar, don’t you think? Hope as is well in your world.