Let’s Make a Deal


We had this TV game show here once, called Let’s Make Deal. A contestant was chosen from the audience to compete with contestants.They were usually dressed in a stupid way, holding some stupid thing, all screaming pick me, pick me. Once plucked from the masses, the host would ask for the stupid thing in exchange for what was on the  stage. Often it was something of tangible value, like a motor boat or weekend in Hawaii. Then there was often a pot of cash, say $10,000. And then there was door number 3, a mystery thing. Was it a dream home on  the beach or a box of coal? They made their choice and sat down, either thrilled or deflated. In the final round they might be called back to trade their winnings for something else. Because sometimes the motor boat, unbeknownst to the viewers, came with a car and a dream home. Sometimes it was  2 doors and a pot of cash, amount unknown. To make a long story short, I have always thought life is like Let’s Make a Deal. There is always the door to something unknown, the tangible stuff of known value and the pot of cash. Each choice has it’s own consequences. Each choice takes your life in another direction, most often irreversible. Each choice only leads to more choices. And so on. I usually go for the mystery behind the closed doors and the opportunities and adventures that may unfold. But sometimes I wish I had just taken the damn boat….