Lunch at Dona’s

Thanks  man for allowing me to vent this morning. It’s tricky sometimes trying to navigate the waters of the business world, especially when the client is a friend. Not always a good combination. When it comes to money I always try to be fair, and sometimes I give in and say whatever, because I hate to quibble about  such things. But I have a hard time when I feel I am being taken advantage of and being disrespected. I don’t like people stealing my work. At very least, I need a please and thank you. The money part is negotiable. Oh, the joys of running a business.
I went ahead and cleaned  up this image of Lunch at Dona’s. It gave me something to do for about an hour while I stewed over things. Making art has always been my go to place when things are a bit chaotic in my world. I either try to express my feelings through imagery or in this case, return to a moment that brings pleasant memories. And this moment was very pleasant and memorable. Having an amazing lunch at the lovely home of Dona Hochart, in a little French town south of Paris. It was autumn and the day was  perfect. It is very clearly etched in my mind. And now I have this sweet little image as an emotional book mark.