Moody, Dark and Damp

I started the day thinking I might finally return to the gym. But after thinking about it, I went grocery shopping instead. I like to shop early when there is no crowd and parking is plentiful. But my dog said take me for a walk first. So then after that I made it to the studio to get some serious work done, whatever that means. So the gym will have to wait. Big surprise. But the serious work was returning emails mostly. I have also been thinking about a request to be in a show next year. The old gallery I worked with 20 years ago contacted me about a floral show they will be doing and they found an old black and white image on my website I had made of daisies by a picket fence. Nice image, was it still available, did I have more? So it sent into the archives and searching for anything that might be exhibition quality. I have tons of floral work, most of it merely decorative, much of it done recently on my iPhone. But I think I need the woman at the gallery to help me out. I have this binder of black and white film of pretty nice images that I never printed, except one image for a greeting card. A sympathy card at that. I could spend hours scanning away, but there are too many to choose from. I am going to ask her if she will help as an editor/curator and look at the contact sheets. The contact sheets are quite nice and easy to look at. I used to have an editor at Getty and the editing process was always great fun. I pick my selects, hand over the contact sheets and my editor picked his. We mostly matched, but sometimes he would pick an odd ball or the hidden gem really. It was nice to have a second pair of eye balls to add more fuel to the creative fire. That one of that crappy things these days about working alone. No one to bounce things around with.

I also got to thinking about a day in October many years ago when a friend and I went up into the mountains to get rocks. Yes rocks. Not just any rocks, but hero rocks for our gardens. I brought back 200 pounds of the suckers that day. But frankly it was little more than an excuse to hang out with a photo friend and have a nice day in the mountains. So of course I had to ask myself, when was that again? Which sent me to the digital archive to search for the photos of that day. Fortunately I recalled the name of the folder the images were in. Rock Run. It was October 25, 2013. And of course I had to revisit the images and even process and/or reprocess some files. I stumbled across this image and for some reason thought of you and your work. About chasing light. This was an end of the day driving home shot. It was moody, dark and damp. Something I actually haven’t seen in a while. We haven’t had any significant rain since June. But I like this light and look forward to seeing it again sometime soon. That is if climate change doesn’t intervene and turn the Pacific Northwest into an tropical wasteland.