Rush Hour Chicken Run

I came up with an idea that made me think of you. I had told you about running my printer to keep the jets from gumming up and I thought, rather than it being a maintenance exercise, what not do “A Print of the Week” series. And be somewhat serious about it. I have already made a few such prints over the winter, but today made it an official thing. I have always put off such projects as a waste of materials, since they have no intended home other than my flat files or an archival box. But today, since I really have nothing else to do, I decided to print this.

I call it Rush Hour Chicken Run #2. During the pandemic, I have made several runs to get fried chicken at this establishment, as they do it best. They are in a little part of town called Wallingford and this is a view I made while waiting at a stop light. There was this incredible sunset going on at the time and I just couldn’t resist not taking advantage of the photo opportunity. I make the effort to process a lot of iPhone images, and put them in folders on the computer, but other that sharing on IG, they never see the light of day. But works aren’t finished for me until they are on paper, something physical and therefore real. Not sure I will maintain this project for long, but for now it seems like a nice idea. A way to celebrate, even if I am the only celebrating.