Silver Prints Are Durable Things

A gallery dealer I worked with many years ago recently contacted me to say she had all this stuff of mine she wished to return. We haven’t worked together is almost 15 years. What could she have? But she came by my studio, which she had never seen, and brought this wealth of my history of working with her for almost 10 years. Newspaper clippings of reviews of my shows, press releases, slides, invitation cards and several 8×10 toned silver prints that had been used for reproduction purposes. I was pretty impressed, considering she could have chucked the whole lot to the garbage. The prints were in pretty good shape, but then silver prints are pretty durable things. So I matted them and intend to return them to her so that she may have a record of what we did together. This collection represents the 5 shows we did from 1993 to 2000.