9 September 2013


So nice to meet with you yesterday and share my work with you. Had I known more about you, I might have prepared a different presentation. The fine art world has always been my passion, but it has been the worlds of commerce and academia that have supported that passion over the years. But it was a pleasant surprise meet some one of your knowledge and experience in the fine art photo world. I left thinking why isn’t she teaching in the photo dept over  at the school of art? They most certainly could use some one like you.

I have attached 3 images for your viewing pleasure. The gargoyle is a Diana camera capture. I have made both toned silver prints and quadtone ink jet prints of this image. Both look lovely. The Roma image is a digital capture and recently reworked through an iPad app for the painterly effect. The Barcelona image is an iPhone capture and processed with the Hipstamatic app. A digital Diana thing I am doing.  I hope you enjoy.

I would appreciate any leads you can give me regarding the UW Press or any one you think might be interested in seeing what I am doing. And at some point talking with your more about donating my work to your collection. I would like to know more about that process and what it entails. The fact that you are interested in the entirety of my  life’s work is intriguing. I am not sure even MOHI would want it all. But my work does paint a picture of a creative life. And while I am a bit player in the worlds of fine art, commerce and academia, the one thing I am most proud of about my life, is that for over 30 years the camera has been the tool for me to discover the world and earn a living at the same time. And after all this time I am still standing, still creating. So many, especially of my generation have moved on to other things. But I could never let go, never found anything I loved more.

So let’s talk more soon.


Mel Curtis

Mel Curtis Photographs

Seattle, Washington
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