All Mine

 Ugh… deF’ingPressing!

 No wonder Van Gogh cut off his ear before shooting himself. And he probably had to make his own frames from scratch!


I can’t really explain the need to make “art” and then the desire to share it in an unprofitable exhibition. But obviously there are many of us who do it. I can safely save that at very least my habit pays for itself. And other then the storage issue, I have not been left with any other problems. Also, it was always part of my marketing to the commercial world. And exhibits seem to enhance my brand as it were. Many art directors came to my openings, many bought prints. And when they needed an artsy look for their current annual report project, they often called me. But Rosanne Olson generally aced me out on most of those projects. I suppose most of it is ego. I needed a way to make work that was all mine, with no one telling me how to make it. I think of most of my assignment works as pretty boring. Well done, maybe, just adding so much visual clutter to the world. But it was an means to an end. It paid the bills. My art however has always fed my soul. And gave me something that was all mine. I think I got the best of both worlds in the early days with Photodisc. Where they turned me loose to make whatever imagery I wanted, in any way I wanted. I made whatever I wanted and turned it over to the internet to see who wanted it. Much of that work showed up in exhibits and galleries. And it was always my work. All mine.