And I Will be the Only One Who Does

As for exhibitions, I have done hundreds of them, literally. Especially when I was represented by various galleries. So, I know the drill. And that’s what scares me. I have many, many leftover framed prints in my basement to remind of the effort it takes to mount an exhibition. So, I really have little desire to seek out a big exhibition. Little ones, sure, where I have one to five works or this café one that will induce me to create one of kind pieces that move away from straight photographic prints. Small works too, 10×10 and cheaply priced to move. My motivation is to just do something, something new and if I continue in this vein to use the 1000s of little work prints I have made over the years and re purpose them. I have been thinking about this for years and even 2 years ago I started gathering materials to use. But I have been afraid to start, afraid of making visual garbage. I even made a test piece, about my dog, knowing however it turned out I would like it. And I will be the only one who does…because it is boring.