But Does That Cheapen Them?

When I first started the project and the box was the final presentation, the panoramic work did not fit, format wise, so I decided that would be a separate project. I am going to let things stew a bit to see what might be a more integrated coup of work. Or it just may remain separate groups. Need to think about it. I dug up some 20 year old silver prints I made of some the recently scanned images. I was amazed how similar my approach was to the scanning and final photoshop work was to the original silver prints made in the darkroom. The biggest difference was the dynamic range. The scanned work was smoother and both the shadows and highlights were open and full of detail. The silver prints, however have a really rich, velvety quality. Kind of like a vinyl record vs a CD. I am not surprised. But the biggest difference of all is the silver prints are one of a kind, locked in to their printed size and color. The digitized versions can be scaled up or down, altered and printed a 1000 times. But does that cheapen them?