Content with the Little Moments

I have practiced being in the moment for years now. I learned a long time ago that I was often seeing the world through my camera. At a concert, event or just looking for that perfect image in a foreign place. I came to the realization that I had to later look at my photos to see if I had a good time. When I travel I now consciencely put my camera away at times and just enjoy the space I am in. Of course, it is way different now, since a damn good camera is always in my pocket and it is quite easy to make a snap and still in the moment. But part of my work now is about being in the moment. On my walks I see and appreciate a lovely garden or piece of light and can instantly record it and enjoy the sight at same time. And I am not fussing with lenses and ISOs and other photo nonsense. I made this image this past Sunday on a morning walk with my dog Barney. I just responded to the way the morning light was raking across these orange chairs and a perfectly manicured lawn. All accented by the deep shadows in the background complete with a picket fence. In that moment the world was peaceful and orderly. In suburban kind of way. I suppose I am content with the little moments.