Couldn’t Wait to Leave

Just saying hey. Has the dust settled in the aftermath of your show? Any new insights? Are you busy with holiday plans? No big plans here, just hanging out at home. I might fire up the grill for a change. We used to grill out all the time. With charcoal no less. We have a gas grill we never use. Not sure what that is about. But the weather is quite nice. High 70s, low 8os. Very pleasant.

When you were a kid did you ever go to the Upper Arlington 4th parade? My dad’s boss lived on Northwest Blvd up above Lane Ave near Kingsdale ( I think that was the name) shopping center. We would go early, hang out, watch the parade, hang out more and then watch the fireworks. At some point I either quit going or would caddy in the morning and go later for food and fireworks. Then we quit going altogether. It is funny when you finally “grow up” and blow off your parent’s rituals and then later long for those simpler days. I think Grandview may have a parade now, or maybe it is a Memorial Day Parade. My folks used to talk about it as it ran down First Ave. As I write this I find myself missing Grandview and wondering what it might be like to live there now. I understand there have been big changes in the past few years. In the last years of my parents life, when I would visit, I would be amazed by how little the place had changed since I left. Grandview Ave became rather with restaurants and  shops, but there was very little new housing. That all changed and Grandview is one of the groovy neighborhoods to live in Columbus. Who knew? The summer of my last visit to my mom before she passed away I began to tinker around with my iPhone as a real means of image making. I think it was 5 and the camera wasn’t that good, but it reminded me of the Diana camera and it’s fuzzy view of the world. I wandered around Grandview and took these snaps. You might even recognize a place or two. Remember Rife’s Market? Long gone now. As as kid I couldn’t wait to leave that place. Now sometimes I want to go back.