Dreaming of Paris

It is interesting to have a glimpse into the life and thinking of a 17 year old young man these days. So much going on, so many possibilities. Like you, I was fascinated with art at a young age, 6 to exact. I wanted to work at Disney Studios and draw Bambi. As I grew older, I wanted to be a painter. I studied French and wanted to move to Paris. None of it was within my grasp, as I had little aptitude for painting, and art classes in my high school were treated largely as means to escape study hall. My poor art teacher was mostly a baby sitter. But she nurtured me as best she could. And against the advice of my guidance counselor, I pursued art studies. It appalled the counselor, since I was in the top of my class and should be pursuing engineering like my father or medicine or law…Any thing but art. He said art was for the dummies. Even I had doubts. What would I do as a painter? I slacked in French studies, so the dream of Paris was just that. So graphic design became a good alternative. Art with job possibilities. It was a good choice for me and gave me the foundation and discipline that is with me to this day. And it introduced me to the camera. And eventually Paris.