Good on This Day Only

Microsoft Badge

I was rummaging through my archives recently when I found this badge form a visit to Microsoft land. I looked at the date and wondered why I was there. I did a fair amount of work with them back then, but couldn’t recall the specific project I was working on that might have had me at their offices on that date. At first I thought it was the day Magic Johnson announced he had HIV. I was working at Microsoft that day and the memory from seeing the news announcement is very vivid in my mind. But a quick Google search told that announcement came in November of the of 1991. At least I had the year right. So thought to dig out my calendars that I have kept back to around 1982 or so. I would write note and appointments in them and they provide a reasonable snapshot of what was happening in my life at any given time. But to get to the calendars, I had to clean the loft of the studio first to get to them. This was becoming a long and tedious process. But I found my 1991 calendar and looked up the date and sure enough, I was at Microsoft, for an opening. An Art Opening of their collection and new acquisitions. One of my works was in the show and I went to check it out. And there it was, and there was I. Nice to know old school low technology still has value. Mystery solved.