A Perfect Moment

As an artist using a camera, I make lots of images of all kinds of things, of people and places. Most often it is later that I look at a photograph I have made and realize what a special moment that was, and that I didn’t realize it at the time. On this morning I did. It was Sunday the 5th of July. I had just run around the gardens doing an Our House series, something I do regularly, just to mark changes and the passage of time. I had had just finished downloading the current batch of images and walked out of my studio to my tree house like porch. And there in the beautiful morning light was Carter on the deck reading the NY Times and little Barney nestled at his feet. I ran back to get my camera to record the scene and thought, that this, indeed is a perfect moment, a fleeting one. But one I not only captured with my camera, but was fully aware of, one of which I was fully present ¬†and fully appreciative. And like many of my pictures, I have another emotional book mark in my life.