Apartment Zola, Paris, May of 1999

Hey Girlfriend,

So I looked and found these negs and like I thought, they are mine, not yours. I shot them, though I suppose you could have pushed the button. But I don’t think so. First the camera was on a tripod and secondly, my recollection is this was a selfie session. Lastly, the whole contact sheet is very posey… Meaning I was rather stiff and trying to look cool. If you had taken them, I am sure they would have been looser, not only in my gestures, but the composition as well. The whole contact sheet screams that I made it. It was the 29th roll of that trip, developed by Panda. If you had shot it, you would have developed it, right?


Too bad you didn’t take them, I am sure they would have been more casual, or at least less pretentious. But  pleated pants and white shocks??? What was I thinking….
Kind of quiet around the ranch. I had a shoot this morning for my UW client. I made a big White House print and matted it. I will look at it for a few days and then figure out where to store it. I am waiting to see if Hanhemuhle will give me paper to print my 3 initial portfolios. It could save me about $400 if they do. I will probably still use the paper even if they don’t, but drop their credit in the colophon. I have tried a bunch of papers, and keep coming back to the Photo Rag. It is a very nice paper, plus one of the few that comes in 24×36”, what I use to make the big prints.

No other groovy news really. Sent out invites for the gathering for Donna. Been printing pics of her. I am bummed I can’t find an old image that I took of her at her first house. The print copy was at the service last Sunday. I just can’t find the film and it makes me crazy. I want so  much to have my archives instantly organized to be able to find things quickly…like that will ever happen, right? I have found some things I had thought long lost, but it will take a serious amount of time to all in good shape. And maybe time I don’t have really. At least at long as I continue to add to the situation. So goes my addiction, eh?