I Can Pretend I am in Paris, n’est Pas?

I had a chat the other night about suppression of desires. And I told my friend I really couldn’t tell if that was what I was doing or that I truly didn’t miss travel and such. I said I would like to dine out more, but that was about it. He consoled me by saying that I lived in such a nice place and had such a nice life that who needed Paris? Funny, then this morning I read a post on Facebook about a photo acquaintance buying a flat in Paris and I felt a bit envious. I really don’t think about life beyond Carter. I try to stay in the present and have a nice life. It is hot here today and I don’t want to fire up the oven for dinner, so I am making Salad Niçoise for dinner. Cool and healthy. With a glass of wine and a good baguette, I can pretend I am in Paris, n’est pas?