You Can’t Save Them All

I went looking for an image to add to my website. I was working on the Humans folio and wanted a color portrait from the 1990s. I thought of the sessions I did in Paris in May of 1999. I also thought of Rose, one of the models I worked with. I think she was a dancer. She had a wonderful presence in front of the camera and moved so gracefully. My apartment had amazing light and thus it was easy for me to make great images. I found her film, pages of transparencies, and poured through them. These were the out takes, the images left on the light box, passed over by Getty for selection to their library. I found what I was looking for, but then saw others, other gems. There was a lot of similars or sisters as they say in the biz. I wanted to scan them all. But then there was this one, a one of kind. It was a tilt of her head and the look on her face that caught my eye. A nice moment. As the scanner hummed along doing its business, I found other images of her I wished to preserve. Then the awful question, why? For what purpose? then came the realization that you can’t save them all. I guess the best I can do is save as many as I can and hope that down the road a purpose will be revealed.