In the Wink of an Eye

I assume you are home from your travels. I spoke with Anne this past week and I think she said she had talked to you and you gave her my cell number. Thank you for that. We dumped our land line ages ago and I guess she still had that as our number. I called her the previous week and thought she would have captured my cell number then. But oh well, she found  me. She wanted to tell me not to send photos off to Barbi as it was probably too late for her to enjoy them. It was too late, as I had just dropped them in the mail. Perhaps her kids will get something out of them or Anne too. I guess Barbi is near the end and it is so sad to hear. She is so young. At least when we last spoke in April, she was still strong and sounding very courageous. It was like I couldn’t believe she was sick, and death was near. But as you know, it can happen in the wink of an eye.

I hope you had a good trip. All is well here. Been working on the garden a lot. Put out so many tomato plants I will probably have to take up canning this year. I remember doing it with mom, but I will have to do some research to learn how to do it again.

I missed the northern light when they passed through here. I was asleep. But my neighbor got his shot from his roof. That is our bedroom window in the lower left.