A Nice Escape from the World

I went to a nursery this morning and got more plants for the deck and garden. I got Zinnias as they are one of Carter’s favorites. I got hostas and acanthus and Japanese forest grasses, as they are shade plants and perennials. I am trying to nurse the garden in the back of the yard to be low maintenance and yet always returning every year. Some of the plants are green year around and will lend some signs of life in the winter. It is a never-ending process and ever changing. I suppose that is what makes gardening so appealing to some folks. You get to create a look, dig in the dirt and nurture your little patch of the planet. They grow and flourish and create peaceful spaces for a morning or evening respite. It is also a nice escape from the world in times like these. The other evening, I counted three different hummingbirds visit the fuchsias. Such curious little creatures. I suppose it is my favorite space in the summertime, just like the fireside is in the winter. A great place to regenerate.