Yes, I did see Jaws 86 times. The summer of 1975 I had a co-op job in Baltimore. I shared an apartment with another student from UC working at the same firm. But we never hung out and I got kind of bored, so I got a job at nearby theatre as an usher. I was paid 2 bucks an hour and mostly enjoyed the air conditioning. But Jaws was the big hit that summer and so I saw it 86 times. I got to the point to where I looked for the gaffs in the film making. Like the back-and-forth up-close conversation where one direction it was full sun and the other direction it was cloudy. Eventually I got bored with that too and quit. My entertainment then became riding my bike all over Baltimore. At least that was healthier. The best part of that job is that I worked with a guy who had also gone to UC and when he moved on to another job in the DC area, he called me up to see if I wanted to come to work with his new firm, which prompted my move there. The only full-time job I ever had as an adult out of college. I worked there for 2 and half years before quitting and trying my hand at photography. I didn’t know squat about how to make a living in photography, which turned out to be my saving grace. Naiveté. I swear if I knew then what I know now I never would have taken the leap. But with a few good breaks and some supporting folks along the way , I was off and running. Funny how things work out sometimes.