The Weirdest Thing

Well, I did the weirdest thing. Last week one of my old assistants was here to use my studio for a portrait session. We were talking about gear and such and I said I was done buying cameras and the D750 as my last one. She uses a D810. I was her stand in model to set up lights and all. Came up with this.

I was so impressed with the files and how smooth they were and sharp and crisp I began to lust after a new camera, a D850, the last of the line of Nikon DSLRs. I hummed and hawed, telling myself I don’t need it, don’t have a use for it, so forget it. But I wanted it, and it was on sale, where you could find it. Seems they were going fast. I also thought about my first halfway serious digital camera, D100. Not a great camera, but I kind of wanted it then. It was January 2004. I was sitting my car when I got a call from my father telling me he had cancer. Realizing how ephemeral life is, I immediately went and bought the camera. Used it a few times, not enough to really know how to use it and gave it to one of my assistants. By year’s end I bought my first Cannon, a truly professional camera. So, what has this got to do with buying the 850? Back in April, a cousin of mine, my favorite cousin, called me to tell me she had cancer. She passed away last week. So, I guess I was having another life is short moment. That perhaps it is ok to not need it and merely wanting it is ok. It is not like I didn’t indulge myself back in the day with cameras and lens that I didn’t really need, but I had fun with. So maybe it is time for a new learning curve and another round of fun. Life is short after all.