Just So Much Stuff

An interesting image popped up on my phone, in that cute little way that the iPhone wants you to remember your memories. It was a night photo of the Big W at the University entrance taken in the fall of 2020. Height of the pandemic, not a soul in sight. I thought it was a pretty cool image and wondered why I never processed it further or printed it. Fortunately the phone told the date I shot it, so I jumped down the rabbit hole to find it and mess with further. Here’s the image.

In the process of looking for it, I found all kinds of images worth giving a finishing touch to as well. But then I saw this…

I realized this pic represents the care package I sent to you back in 2020. It made me wonder whatever happened to the pile of stuff I sent you. I am sure we chatted about it then, but almost 4 years later, I am curious as to what you did with this collection? Any of it make it further than the recycle bin? It is kind of odd looking at this work and what it represents. My once busy life, and all the things I did to keep it going. Promo pieces, work prints, final prints and printed samples from clients. Just so much stuff now.

Have you kept samples of your life’s work? Would it printed matter or video or both? I am sure you must have a wall full of awards. I have a box of awards stashed up in my loft somewhere. It’s funny, but the awards that meant so much at the beginning of my career, didn’t mean that much at the end of it. Sure, it was a nice pat on the back, but I don’t think it helped me get new work or anything. Being in Communication Arts Photography Annual did get me a lawsuit. But that is about it. But I never put a lot of stock in awards unless they came with a check. I guess there was a certain validation that came with awards. Like hey nice job. But that is what I was hired to do. Too bad we never got to work together. I bet it would have been fun.