Let it Flow

Ok, let’s do Friday the 11thsay 1 or 130?

I will nose around a bit more and see what I can find. I see this time and again when it comes to film and prints. Folks keep the prints, toss the negs. But the fact of the matter is the negs are the original source material and way more valuable than any one print. But it seems no one gets that. And probably back then SMC had little storage for such things.

Funny how things work out. I knew you did better after the chorus work. Somehow, when one door slams in your face, other doors open up with multiple opportunities. In the 80s I taught at Seattle University and UW. During my last stint at UW, they had a full time, tenure track opening. I applied hoping to at very least get an interview. No such luck. I am sure my application was edited out by the secretary. No locals, no white aging males… I quit teaching that day in 1994 and decided to push hard into the worlds of art and commerce. Screw academia. And things just took off. Everything I touched turned to gold. And when I did return to teaching in 2007, it was short summer gigs in Rome. Not much money there either, but by then I didn’t really need it and I could just sit back, enjoy the ride and let it flow. I did that for 5 years. And I am sure in the grand scheme of things it was far more rewarding than if I had got that teaching position back in 1994.

Will be good to see you too.