Life’s Journey

We don’t do much for Christmas and New Year’s. Sometimes we have friends for Christmas dinner, but this year I am thinking dinner for two. Often on New Year’s Eve we would have a little gathering by the fire, and I make something special like gumbo or if I am lazy, chili. Something you can eat by the fire. I had a friend I always invited over, an artist friend and often his sister and we would sit around and bitch about the art world. But several years ago he took his life and that ended that. I invited his sister for a few years after, but even that trailed off with the pandemic. Besides, we don’t stay up past 9, so what’s the point anymore? Sometimes on NYE I like being alone, with a little champaign and ponder the past year and wonder what the future brings. Carter and the dog have gone upstairs to bed, and I just sit by the fire alone with my thoughts. I am usually amazed by my life’s journey, and feel grateful to be where I am. Such is my life, really.